Thursday, February 23, 2012

Face Talk

Ok so I know by now everyone has heard of the Clarisonic Mia (and the price!) and everyone that is anyone who has used the Mia has continually raved about the texture and clearness of their skin.  So I have been searching for one on sale, but no luck there..

 I for one am NOT interested in paying $120 for one while in college. I'd rather spend that kind of money elsewhere, so I did! At Sephora for a fraction of the price ($18), the Ultimate Dual Exfoliating Face Brush is the solution.  And it has completely transformed my skin! I have huge pores on my cheeks closer to my nose and the pink silicone side of the brush has cleared them up so much they even appear smaller which is fan-tas-tic.  The brush side is great for all over the face and completely gets rid of all the oils/makeup/skin cells on your face. Also rubbing the brush in small circular motions helps with exfoliating all that stuff away.  I use it once a day at night for my combination/oily skin which is perfect. Twice daily is a bit to much, drying out my skin. 

While I was checking out Sephora's site today I stumbled upon this Pore Perfection kit which would be perfect for traveling or throwing in your bag for showers at the gym after a workout. I like how the brush and silicone pad are separated, making it easier to get those super hard to reach spots.  It's just as cheap as the brush at $18 a pop what's not to love?


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