Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Korsi' Heels

Vince Camuto is a shoe god. BUY THESE before someone else does!! They are amazing not only because of their color & style, (reminiscent of these YSL's) but because they are darn comfortable! Thank you  Nordstrom Rack- you never disappoint.

(Dressed for the POPSHOKK launch party we attended)

Monday, May 21, 2012

e.l.f. at Target

B & I stepped into Target on friday (SO excited she's home for the summer) after a short trip to the mall to check out some shoes B has been eyeing.  We wandered over to the makeup aisles & hit the jackpot!  All e.l.f. items for $3 or under in-store!  I was shocked at the pricing but even more at the packaging & quality of the products.  I have never heard or seen this brand until friday but normally for such a low price point you don't receive a great product.  The packaging could be a look-a-like for Nars or MAC & the quality of the products are comparable to anyones favorite high-end beauty retailer.

(Recent items from Sephora & Target)

(Sampling some new gloss)

(Wearing some of the new products)

I think B's & mine favorite product of the e.l.f. line was the matte lip pencil in Coral which is what I'm wearing in the above picture.  The only downside I can find is that this brand is not carried at all Target locations.  They do have the brand on their website with a much bigger selection of items than in-store.  Go out & get some before it's all gone!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Essentials

summer essentials

Here are some summer essentials that I think every girl needs in her life.  Where I live it gets extremely hot during the summers so sunglasses & a hat are a must-have to avoid sun damage.  If you do decide to spend some time in the pool, Bobbi Brown's body oil is fantastic for re-hydrating your skin afterwards and smells amazing!  If you don't plan on damaging your skin to achieve your golden bronze tan then I suggest St. Tropez lotion, no one has to know you didn't summer in the Islands for your glow. ;)  I plan on living in maxi dresses this summer just because you can throw one on with a statement necklace and look immediately put together with no extra effort.  Throwing on some bright sandals adds interest to any outfit & switching from day to night with nude pumps is a no-brainer!  To top off any outfit my absolute favorite fragrance of all time is CREED's Spring Flower.  Words cannot express my love for this scent! I hope my summer picks inspire you snatch up a maxi dress or try on some fun colored sandals!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY:: Neon Earring

Lately neon has been everywhere and maybe I'm a little bit late to be jumping on the bandwagon, but rocking a neon pink tee just isn't my style.  So why not start out small with bits and pieces thrown into my normal wardrobe?  

While writing my post about my most recent re-org. of my jewelry, I noticed that my once gold studs had turned a silver color.  I already have 3 pairs of silver studs so I decided to grab them & give them new life instead of just tossing them into the trash! 

I used Sally Hansen's "Whirlwind White" as a base, some cheapy Windsor neon polish for color & then an old clear topcoat to seal it in. 

Had to use pliers to grip the post & paint at the same time

Perfect NEW neon studs!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY:: Earring Display & Cat Eye Sunnies

Last night I was staring into my closet (like every night) and realized that my inspiration cork board was no longer.. inspiring.  I needed to update it somehow but I wasn't sure what that would be.  As I was pondering I realized how much my studs looked like thumbtacks and WHA-LA!  A perfect new home for all my little lovelies, earrings that is.  They were on a purple flower earring holder (don't ask) and were always such a pain in the butt to get too, but now there within easy reach and so pretty to look at!  Just writing this post has inspired me to do another simple DIY!

Plenty room for more!

I cannot describe how Obsessed I am with my new cat eye's!  Who's to say I'm not wearing them while writing this post?? ;)