Saturday, April 28, 2012

Look #3

So I think it's safe to say I am officially obsessed with these pants! I decided to pair them with a more casual outfit that I would wear to brunch with the girls or maybe a lunch date with a really tall guy.. (I'm 5'9 without heels & probably over 6'ft with them)


Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Target 'Cafe Capri'

 I was so surprised when I spotted a look-a-like of J Crew's 'Cafe Capri' at Target the other day. The 'Mossimo Ankle Stretch Pant' is  perfect & it fits like a dream. There's only one thing wrong with this pant, it only comes in two colors (black & blue)! J Crew's style has over ten colors to choose from. But the best part is, Target's version is only $24.99 compared to $89.50 at J Crew.


(J Crew)


Friday, April 13, 2012



I began running again this week after taking the winter off to fatten-up, pig out & sleep instead of ever wanting to work out.  Something clicked in me though, I don't know if it was stress from work, Lo telling me about how much she's been working out; or the beautiful weather! It's most likely a combination of all three but I pulled out my old Nike free's & have been pounding the pavement all week. Above are some of my must have essentials whenever I go running starting with the nano is the perfect size to clip anywhere on your clothes & does not fall off!! Plus it comes with Nike+ which is AH-mazing, once you've tried it you won't want to run with anything else. I have similar headphones to the ones above which work wonderfully with my tiny ears by actually staying put when it gets a bit windy. However this bra is bondage certified! It is soooo tight which is needed when running because when those babies start to sag due to bounce-age or an old bra, NOTHING natural is going to bring them back up.  & of course the Nike Tempos, with built-in underwear, pocket & a ton of colors to choose from you can't go wrong! ( I probably own at least 15 pairs! :/ ) The last two things I slap on before stretching is a no-slip headband & Eos lip treatment. Who wants to be licking their lips constantly while running?? Distracting!

You are entirely up to you.  Make your body.  Make your life.  Make yourself. -Nike


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Quality over quantity

Having dinner with Lo the other night helped me 
realize how much I value my friendship's & how much I appreciate hers. I haven't known Lo for very long, (close to a year) but she is an amazing person with a great heart and loving personality.
I believe in quality over quantity in friendships, I have plenty of people I consider friends; but very few that I know that really 'get me'.

 I've been struggling lately with some personal issues & Lo is one of the handful of people I feel I can come to and spill my heart out and not feel judged.
Since we both quit the job where we met a while ago, we don't get to each other as often anymore.  I believe that it is crucial to take the time to make people feel that you value & trust them & make time to hangout.

I always have a good time with her no matter what we're doing..  Wether it be just sitting at home & drinking wine, going out to party or just dinner with friends .

"Compared to friendship, gold is dirt"

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Quick snapshot of the little lovelies I snagged at Forever21 last night!


Monday, April 9, 2012


Skirt- J Crew
Flats- Cotton On 

Sunday morning my family & a friend went out for Easter Brunch at The Ranch, which meant expandable clothing required. I think I honestly gained 5 pounds after trying everything at least once.. It was all too good!


Easter Vigil



Top- Nordstrom Rack
Scarf- J Crew
Skirt- Vintage

Loved my outfit from the Easter vigil service my family & I attended on saturday night. It was so comfortable & the scarf came in SO handy when the air conditioner came on & turned the room a toasty 60 degrees! Swear..   While I was digging through my mom's closet a couple of months ago I came across this linen blend skirt.  It was absolutely the wrong length as it ended below my knees, so I had it tailored to a much more suitable length!


Thursday, April 5, 2012


 Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Galleria yesterday in search of an easter top and found a brand spanking new H&M!! My sister has been the lucky one thus far because she has one all the way out in OR & I normally don't feel like making a trip up to Northpark for just one store.

I'm obsessed with this scarf print top! It has everything I love, orange, pink, print & a bit of neon. Unfortunately it hit me in the most unflattering way so I had to pass. (For all you short waisted ladies I suggest grabbing it now before they're gone!)

Thankfully I spotted the same print in two dresses with different color palletes & had a moment over deciding which one looked best on.

Pink & orange won! (Plus at under $20 its a major steal for being so on trend for summer!) 

I also popped into J Crew to look around for an easter top, but nothing was jumping out at me. I did however snag their Panama hat in my size! & I must say, I am in love.

(Please excuse my minimal-makeup face :/ )


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chubby Stick

 Cliniques Chubby Stick has been a favorite of mine ever since it came out about a year ago. I've gone through two already! They wear like a lipgloss, look like a lipstick and feel like a lip balm. Now who wouldn't agree that this is the best combination!? Even my mom who has not worn anything on her lips except Mary Kay lipstick for years, loves it! Her go-to color is Super Strawberry while mine will always be Whoppin Watermelon. (I believe Whoppin' Watermelon is pictured below)
They come in eight different colors, so there's one for everybody! All the colors are pictured below