Friday, April 13, 2012



I began running again this week after taking the winter off to fatten-up, pig out & sleep instead of ever wanting to work out.  Something clicked in me though, I don't know if it was stress from work, Lo telling me about how much she's been working out; or the beautiful weather! It's most likely a combination of all three but I pulled out my old Nike free's & have been pounding the pavement all week. Above are some of my must have essentials whenever I go running starting with the nano is the perfect size to clip anywhere on your clothes & does not fall off!! Plus it comes with Nike+ which is AH-mazing, once you've tried it you won't want to run with anything else. I have similar headphones to the ones above which work wonderfully with my tiny ears by actually staying put when it gets a bit windy. However this bra is bondage certified! It is soooo tight which is needed when running because when those babies start to sag due to bounce-age or an old bra, NOTHING natural is going to bring them back up.  & of course the Nike Tempos, with built-in underwear, pocket & a ton of colors to choose from you can't go wrong! ( I probably own at least 15 pairs! :/ ) The last two things I slap on before stretching is a no-slip headband & Eos lip treatment. Who wants to be licking their lips constantly while running?? Distracting!

You are entirely up to you.  Make your body.  Make your life.  Make yourself. -Nike


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