Monday, May 21, 2012

e.l.f. at Target

B & I stepped into Target on friday (SO excited she's home for the summer) after a short trip to the mall to check out some shoes B has been eyeing.  We wandered over to the makeup aisles & hit the jackpot!  All e.l.f. items for $3 or under in-store!  I was shocked at the pricing but even more at the packaging & quality of the products.  I have never heard or seen this brand until friday but normally for such a low price point you don't receive a great product.  The packaging could be a look-a-like for Nars or MAC & the quality of the products are comparable to anyones favorite high-end beauty retailer.

(Recent items from Sephora & Target)

(Sampling some new gloss)

(Wearing some of the new products)

I think B's & mine favorite product of the e.l.f. line was the matte lip pencil in Coral which is what I'm wearing in the above picture.  The only downside I can find is that this brand is not carried at all Target locations.  They do have the brand on their website with a much bigger selection of items than in-store.  Go out & get some before it's all gone!


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